Apology for Insensitive Publicity Stunt

A publicity kit for the upcoming movie “A Belfast Story” was a improvised ‘nail bomb kit’ containing some horrific terrorist items including a balaclava, nails and a roll of duct tape. Director Nathan Todd told BBC Good Morning Ulster they had not meant to frighten or offend people. The kit was sent out to many more

Cup Cake Movie Screening

A film shot in Ballymoney in 2009 is getting its début on the TV. The film is a romantic comedy set in the 1960’s. Mr Leslie originally from Ballymoney was instrumental in bringing the crew to Ballymoney which features some local businesses. Directed by the highly respected Colin McIvor and Producer, Kate Jackson, ‘Cup Cake’ more

Dracula Year Zero Begins Shooting

Universal Pictures new Dracula film is being shot primarily in Roe Park in Derry and at the C & C factory in Belfast. Already there have been calls for extras to play the part of the Ottoman empire but now shooting of the film has finally begun. The film has been accused of causing upset more

Bollywood Films to Film in Northern Ireland

Bollywood producers are teaming up with Tourism Ireland and Northern Ireland screen to bring some big Bollywood names to Northern Ireland to film upcoming productions. Bollywood movies are big business with over 100 million viewers. And with the success of Hollywood productions bringing in increased tourism, they believe it will bring in more tourism dollars more

John DeLorean Movie

A movie of John DeLorean, the man behind the infamous Back to the Future car is getting a movie made about him. According to sources DeLorean’s lawyer is executive producing the biopic while Steve Jones is overseeing the whole production. DeLorean life was very colourful, marrying four times and getting involved in a cocaiene deal more

Paula Malcomson

Paula Malcomson has had the opportunity to make it big in Hollywood, but now she is coming home to film a movie closer to home. Paula Malcomson has had major roles in major Hollywood production such as the Hunger Games. Paula will be coming back to Northern Ireland to act in Caddell’s debut film script

The Story of Film: An Odyssey

The Story of Film: An Odyssey is a documentary by Mark Cousins, who hails from Northern Ireland. The Story of Film: An Odyssey documents 119 movies and covers short sibjects that represent 29 courntries. The Story of Film: An Odyssey will be shown on American TV channel TCM.

Film in Five Days

A group of youngsters have come together through Cinemagic to produce a short film in only 5 days. The film named Punch is about a girl who deals with her issues through boxing. This is a great opportunity for young people to learn about the film making process and devlop their skills.

Charlie Murphy and Killian Scott in 71

71 tells the story of a British soldier who is accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot in Belfast in 1971 and must survive the night by himself. The cast of the film also includes Richard Dormer, Sean Harris, Martin McCann, Jack O’Connell and David Wilmot. Interviewed on RTE’s Ryan Tubridy Show Charlie Murphy more

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