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Northern Ireland Wins Dracula Shoot

Northern Ireland Film Board were able to put up some cash incentives to attract the filming of Dracula which will star Skyfall actor Javier Bardem. The undisclosed amount was enough to detract from the production going to the Republic of Ireland. More information on the filming of the Dracula movie will be posted on

Ridley Scott to Produce Northern Ireland Movies

“Our target is to create a structure that enables film-makers to push boundaries and to excite audiences. ” Scott, who gave us sci-fi classics Alien and Blade Runner, will executive produce and “present” six features over a period of three years, which will be focused on the genres of horror, thriller and science fiction. So more

Austin Film Festival shows Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer, the fictional film which tells the story of an IRA activist in the 1990s who becomes an informer will be shown at this years Austin Film Festival. Starring Andrea Riseborough & Clive Owen the film has already got great reviews.

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